Binaural Beats

Brain Power
This music is ideal for increasing mental performance while preparing for an exam or working on a project.
Meditation and Relaxation
This music evokes a state of peace and relaxation, and is great for meditation. Tranquility and peace come together to fill your entire surroundings with harmony.
Nature Sounds
Everyone enjoys the sounds of nature. Listening regularly to these sounds improves the quality of any spiritual practice, relieves stress and fatigue, and helps one to fall asleep.
This music will help you to fall asleep and wake up feeling rested. You can merely take a nap to this music - only 20 minutes of light slumber can restore your ability to concentrate, normalize your blood pressure and improve your mood.
Music and binaural beats for deep meditation and astral projection (exiting the physical body). Enjoy new experiences and increase your level of spiritual development.
Stress Release
Soothing relaxation music with binaural beats to relieve stress, increase relaxation, and provide light reflection and psychological relief.